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Formation et suivi

Réunion des correspondants du REMPEC

Année Représentant Ministère/département/division
2007 Mr. David Matej, Lecturer University of Ljubljana
2007 Mr. Davorin Fantulin, Harbour Master Ministry of Transport
2005 Mr. Stanka Koren, Director of Water Management Office Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning
2003 Mr. Zorka Sotlar, Deputy Director Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning
2003 Ms. Natasa Brejc, Deputy Director Ministry of Transport
2009 Mr. Zvezdan Bozic, Head of Branch Office Administration for Civil Protection & Disaster Relief
2009 Mr. Davorin Fantulin, Harbour Master Ministy of Transport
2011 Mr. Robert Kojc, Undersecretary Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning
2011 Mr Joze Klemencic, Technical and Logistics Co-ordinator Slovenian Maritime Administration

Activités régionale

Date Nom de l'activité Nom du participant du pays
05/2009 Regional Government and Industry Workshop on Cooperation, Preparedness for and Response to Oil Spills in the Mediterranean Sea - 11-12 May 2009, Marseille, France. Mr. Matjaz Žetko, Slovenia
03/2000 MEDEXPOL 99/2 Regional Training Course on New Techniques for Shoreline Pollution (Oil/Chemical) Clean-up - In Brest, France 21-25 March 2000 Mrs. Zorka Sotlar, Slovenia
11/2000 MEDEXPOL 2000 – Regional Seminar for Government Administrators and Senior Managers (on Accidental Marine Pollution preparedness and response) -, Naples, Italy, 6-10 Nov. 2000 Mr. Miran Lotric, Slovenia
12/2001 MEDEXPOL 2001 – Regional Training Course on Prevention, Preparedness and Response to accidents involving hazardous substances at ship-shore interface - Genoa, Italy, 10-14 December 2001 Mr. Davorin Fantulin, Slovenia
10/2002 MEDIPOL 2002 6 Regional Seminar on response to Oil and Chemical spills for Governments Administrators and senior Managers - Malta, 29 October. -2 November 2002 Mr. Peter Skrt, Slovenia
10/2003 MEDIPOL 2003 – European Workshop on Satellite Imagery and illicit oil spills in Europe and in the Mediterranean and Field activities in Rognac, Marseilles - Toulon, France, 2 – 4 October 2003 Mr. Marko Perkovic, Captain Primoz Bajec, Slovenia
12/2004 Regional Alert Exercise MEDIPOLEX 2004, organized in close collaboration with the national Focal Point of Cyprus, held on 7-8 December 2004. All Contracting Parties participated
10/2003 MEDEXPOL 2005 – Regional Seminar on the use of Remote Sensing in Oil Pollution Control, Nicosia, Cyprus, 17-20 October 2005 Mr. Zvezdan Bozic, Mr. Marko Perkovic, Slovenia
11/2007 MEDEXPOL 2007 - Regional Seminar on Illicit Discharges from Ships and Prosecution of Offenders - 27 – 30 November 2007, Marseilles, France Ms. Natasa Tasrikent, Slovenia
02/2003 First meeting of the competent national authorities of Croatia, Italy and Slovenia for the development of a sub-regional contingency plan for the northern Adriatic, Manoel Island, Malta, 27-28 February 2003 N/A
03/2004 Meeting of competent national authorities and of national legal and technical experts on the sub-regional contingency plan for the Adriatic sea, Portoroz, Slovenia, 29-30 March 2004 N/A
11/2005 Signature of the “Agreement on the Sub-regional Contingency Plan for prevention of, preparedness for and response to major marine pollution incidents in the Adriatic Sea” N/A

Activités nationales

Date Nom de l'activité
01/2004 Development of sensitivity maps of Slovenian coasts - Project deadline January 2004
11/2003 Development of sensitivity maps of Slovenian coasts - • Public verification of the regimes that were included in order to verify them by their stakeholders (November 2003).

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