Monitoring of ROs under limelight during SafeMed’s seminar – 14/12/2010

SafeMed II Project beneficiaries rely on Recognized Organizations (ROs) to perform statutory work, including ship surveys and certification, on their behalf. Therefore an infrastructure that recognises and monitors these ROs plays a vital role in laying the path for a more efficient and effective way in carrying out flag State obligations.

This was the crux of the seminar held on 14th and 15th December 2010 in Barcelona. Organised by the Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Centre for the Mediterranean (REMPEC), the implementing body of the SafeMed II Project, the seminar served as a continuation of the previous study of the SafeMed I Project entitled ‘Implementation of a framework to monitor the performance of Recognized Organizations acting on behalf of the flag State’ (A copy of the study can be downloaded from

The seminar was held to fulfil one of the SafeMed II Project’s criteria, which is to assist the Project beneficiaries with effective flag State implementation and fulfilment of international obligations.  

ROs, also called Classification Societies, were discussed in the light of where the evolution process is directing itself regarding the recognition and monitoring of the ROs vis-a-vis SafeMed II Project’s beneficiaries. The discussion and presentations, delivered in English and French, by both speakers and beneficiaries, led to the suggestion of more efficient ways, a more comprehensive framework and evaluation of best practices. The 15 government administrators from beneficiaries’ national maritime administrations involved in the recognition and monitoring process of ROs, exchanged views with the EMSA officials involved in the European Commission’s inspections of ROs, officials from IMO and Bureau Veritas and also with representatives from Cyprus and Denmark who, for the majority of their surveys/certification, rely on the EU recognised ROs.