Contact REMPEC in case of Emergency

Emergency Communication Procedure

In cases of emergency, national competent authorities should follow the procedure below to ensure prompt response:

1) Communication

The first communication should be made through the OFFICER-ON-DUTY by:

  1. Calling the Emergency line, operational 24/7: +356 79 50 50 11and/or
  2. Sending an e-mail to the Emergency this will be automatically forwarded to the emergency mobile phone line.

2) Exchange of Information with Contracting Parties

  • Once contact has been established by mobile phone and/or e-mail, further communication can be done by using POLREP (POLWARN, POLINF, POLFAC) to be sent by email  or REMPEC's fax number: + 356 21 33 99 51
  • Once REMPEC is mobilized following the above procedure, phone calls can also be made on the office lines: +356 21 337 296/7/8
  • REMPEC working hours: (Monday to Friday):
    • Wintertime: 1 October – 14 June: 08:30 – 12:30 and 13:30 – 17:15
    • Summertime: 15 June – 30 September:  08:00 – 15:00

Basic Information to be provided (recommended):

  • Contact details of the person reporting the incident,
  • Date and time of the incident (specifying local time or GMT/UTC),
  • Location of incident (eg latitude and longitude, distance from the nearest remarkable point),
  • Name of vessel,
  • Cause of the incident (eg collision, grounding, explosion, fire, etc),
  • Cargo: Type and quantity,
  • Bunker: Type and quantity on board,
  • If any, estimate of the quantity spilled and the type of release (continuous or instantaneous (flow rate),
  • Response strategy: taken and intended actions (and by whom),
  • Status of the vessel and any planned salvage activities, 
  • Other information: such as weather and sea conditions, wind speed and direction, type of resources that may be at risk (for example, fisheries or residential areas).