• SUB REGIONAL WORKSHOP AND THIRD PREPARATORY MEETING of the National Operational Authorities responsible of the Sub regional Marine Oil Pollution Contingency Plan between Cyprus, Greece, and Israel

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From 20 September 2022 to 22 September 2022 Cyprus, Greece and Israel, met in Netanya Israel for a two-day Sub-regional workshop on Shoreline Clean Up assessment Technique (SCAT) and the third periodic Meeting of the Operational Authorities of the countries organized within the framework of the Trilateral Agreement, signed on 2018, on the Sub regional Marine Oil Pollution Contingency Plan between the three countries (the Plan). The Meeting aimed to review activities that have been implemented since the last meeting in Greece, October 2022 and to exchange and agree upon the program of work for 2023.

The workshop on SCAT was organised in the sight of the incident of pollution bu tar balls which occurred along the central and northern shoreline in February 2021 in Israel and has been agreed by the three countries, during their Second Meeting to provide knowledge to independently conduct adequate assessments of oiled shorelines using adequate technics to ensure prompt and efficient response in threatened or affected areas . It also intended to capitalize the experience gained and lessons learnt from the incident in Israel

Around 25 participants from the countries benefited from the Worksop . The first day was dedicated to work on theoretical material to understand better what the SCAT is, how to prepare ground surveys and when the alert can be confirmed. Participants learnt more about providing a rapid but exhaustive overview of shoreline oiling conditions, to help to define response priorities, to characterise the pollution and sites, to estimate response possibilities and select appropriate clean-up equipment and to monitor how the situation is evolving.

he second day, a practical application took place with an onsite exercise, in the area of Poleg river - Ga’ash (beaches with mixed sediments rocky, pebble…) on oiled shoreline assessment and reporting based on data collected.

Discussions has been opened on the recommendation of the workshop to develop an app online to succeed to the form to be completed provided by the existing Guidelines  (REMPEC 2009 and POSOW 2015 guidelines) when polluted area are spotted in order to facilitate decision to training clean-up and waste management.

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