VISIT | Josée Lamoureux, Representative of Transport Canada visits REMPEC to explore further collaboration and improvements for MIDSIS TROCS 4.0 – Mar 15, 2023

REMPEC & Transport Canada - 8-9 March 2023 bi-lateral consultation on the Maritime Integrated Support Information System on Transport of Chemical Substances (MIDSIS-TROCS 4.0) 

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The Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Centre for the Mediterranean Sea (REMPEC) has received the visit of Ms Josée Lamoureux, Senior Advisor, Environmental Response, Transport Canada – Marine Safety and Security on 8-9 March 2023 for a bi-lateral consultation on the Maritime Integrated Support Information System on Transport of Chemical Substances (MIDSIS-TROCS 4.0).

   What is MIDSIS TROCS 4.0 ? 

   The Maritime Integrated Decision Support Information System Transport of Chemical Substances MIDSIS TROCS is a free and publicly available tool that aims to facilitate decision making in case of chemical spill. It provides a tool to first responders primarily for their safety and to take well informed decision, using MIDSIS-TROCS decisions trees features with concise information and action sheets, as well as updated information on chemical characteristics and reactivity, GESAMP Profiles, shoreline and at sea response guides, and more. 

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A visit to explore further collaboration on MIDIS-TROCS 4.0 :  

The visit of Ms Josee Lamoureux was an opportunity to go further in the synergies created between our two institutions and to extend the work initiated on this program. In fact, during the exchange, the following topics raised allowed us to look further in the improvement of this tool:  

  • A complete review of the website was made and subsequently a course of action for a way forward for further improvements capitalizing the Transport Canada Shoreline Emergency Response Book were discussed.

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  • MIDSIS TROCS should be promoted whenever possible and that countries should be encouraged to use the database during their marine pollution exercises or add this element to their emergency plans and to contribute to this effort.  
  • It was finally agreed to ensure coordination of their work and activities in respect of matters of common interest to support national capabilities for preparedness and response to HNS spills, by sharing information and by collaborating in the capitalization of respective Guidelines and Tools. 

Thus, this tool continues to improve thanks to the discussions undertaken with key partners and this new exchange opens new perspectives for the next updates of MIDSIS TROCS 4.0. 


More information about MIDSIS TROCS 4.0 :  

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