Request Assistance

REMPEC provides assistance to the coastal States of the Mediterranean region, which in cases of emergency so request, in obtaining assistance of the other Parties to the Prevention and Emergency Protocol or, when the possibilities for assistance do not exist within the region, in obtaining assistance from outside the region

Request of assistance to REMPEC

Any Party affected by a marine pollution incident can request assistance to REMPEC following the Emergency Communication Procedure and/or through the Pollution Report POLFAC (Part III of POLREP).

Types of Assistance

Assistance rendered by the Centre may comprise:

Remote Assistance:

  • providing requested information and advice on operational, technical, administrative and legal aspects of pollution response (e.g. Oil and HNS response, forecasting model, response to affected wildlife, etc.);
  • providing assistance in coordination with various interlocutors on behalf of the State(s) concerned;
  • coordinating regional assistance;

Onsite Assistance:

Request and Offer of Assistance

The Request and Offer of Assistance is composed on two (2) forms as detailed below: 

They should be communicated to REMPEC by email on  or Fax on + 356 21 33 99 51

For further assistance contact REMPEC on the Emergency line +356 79 50 50 11 (operational 24/7)