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National & système régional - National & plan régional

Plan d'urgence national

Apprové En projet En préparation Aucune information Assisté par le REMPEC Date
Type de test

Table Top Exercise/Full Scale Exercise

Fréquence de test

Once every year

Législation nationale pertinente adoptant le plan

Law pertaining to principles of Emergency Response and Compensation for Damages in Pollution of Marine Environment by Oil and Other Harmful Substances. Law No. 5312

Le plan de maintenance

Ministry of Environment and Forestry

Mise en oeuvre du plan

A National Contingency Plan Executive Committee has been established to coordinate preparedness and response. Members of the Executive Committee are Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF), Under-secretariat of Maritime Affairs (UMA), and the city governors.

Accords sous-régionaux

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