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National & regional system - National & regional plan

National contingency plan

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Relevant national legislation adopting the plan

(1) Royal Decree 1695/2012, December 21 (National contingency plan)

(2) Order FOM/1793/2014, September 22 (National Maritime Plan)

(3) Order AAA/702/2014, April 28 (National Plan for Seashore Protection from Pollution)

The plan maintenance

(1) Ministerio de Fomento (Ministry of Transport and Public Works), through DGMM and Sasemar

(2) Coastal Autonomous Governments

(3) All installations handling hydrocarbons in port

Implementing the plan

(1) Ministerio de Fomento (DGMM, Sasemar)

(2) Coastal Autonomous Government

(3) All installations handling hydrocarbons in port

Subregional Agreements

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