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National & regional system - response strategy

Monitoring and Evaluation

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Aerial surveillance   Coast Guard
Naval surveillance   SOCET (contracting company)
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Response at sea

Use of dispersant
Aerial surveillance  

It may be considered as a response option when mechanical recovery is impossible and sensitive ecological resources are at risk decided on a case-by-case basis.

Related Legislation  

Decree Law defining procedures for recognising the suitable dispersant and absorbent products to be used at sea for the clearance of contamination by hydrocarbon oils issued in December 2002. Dispersants have to pass several tests before they can be approved for use. Updated information can be found on the Ministry website section: Bonifica da Idrocarburi

Delimitation zones for the use of dispersants
Authority in charge of authorisation identified

The use of dispersants is allowed in Italy, following prior official authorisation from the Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea.

Dispersant testing procedures  

Dispersant testing procedures are drawn up and approved by a group of technical experts from the following institutes: ICRAM, APAT, ISS and IRSA and they include: -effectiveness, -toxicity, -stability, -bioaccumulation & biodegradability tests of the dispersants properties

List of approved products  

SEL (2501, B5, B8, BR, 1836 , 512, 9620, 48 20, F-1, 100, S100, 50, 200, R19, R38 ); Bioversal HC; BIODISPERDENTE EPS 2003; Ecostar Ecotextil (E 200, E 143 /96, E 145/48 , E 100, E 144 /96, E 146 /48 , E 138 , E 138 B, E 140, E 140 B; E 810SN, E 100, E 200, E 50, E 22, E 34 , E 34 /s, E150, E 348 p, E 18’’;ZENIT PULP (OP, 048 - 20, 100, L100, 150, 150S, 150 - 200, 150S -200, 200, 510, 520, 810, 820, 1900 e E112); Panna Assorbente Galleggiante ASG; 3M OIL SORBENT; PANNO OIL (100, 200, 203, 50), PANNO ENV (100, 200), SALSICCIOTTO OIL (412, 43 0, 124, 806, 401, 510, 516, 810, 810-10, 816), SALSICCIOTTO ENV (510, 810), CUSCINO OIL (99, 1818), SALAMI OIL (10, 518), ROTOLO 150, ROTOLO OIL (152, 155, 155/2, 1900), ROTOLO ENV (150, 152)

List of competent laboratories authorized  

The testing procedures are carried out by public and private laboratories authorised by the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea An updated list of authorized laboratories can be found on the Ministry website: section: Bonifica da Idrocarburi

Containment and recovery  

Detail in Section 5

In situ burning  

Detail in Section 5

Shoreline protection and cleanup

Shoreline protection  

Detail in Section 5, Local Administrations

Shoreline cleanup  

Local Administrations


Operation activities  

Manuale Procedure Operative (Novembre 1998)

Government/Industry relation
Public relation
Media relation

Waste management

National policy regarding oily waste  

Law no. 220 of 28/02//1992

Treatment/disposal facilities/solutions


Integration of international experts in the coordination body


Claims legal basis at national level
Claims included in the contingency plan
National structure dealing with claims

Volunteers management

Volunteers management considered in the plan

Faune protection

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