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Training and follow-up

REMPEC Focal points meeting

Year Representative Ministry/Department/Division
2003 Mr. Ran Amir, Director, Marine and Coastal Environment Division Ministry of Environment
2005 Mr. Ran Amir, Director, Marine and Coastal Environment Division Ministry of Environment
2007 Mr. Ran Amir, Director, Marine and Coastal Environment Division Ministry of the Environment
2005 Captain Alexander Gerson, Principal Shipping Inspector Administration of Shipping and Ports, Ministry of Transport
2009 Mr. Ran Amir, Director Marine and Coastal Environment Division, Ministry of the Environmental Protection
2009 Captain Eliezer Sternberg, Deputy Director Administration of Shipping and Ports, Ministry of Transpor
2011 Mr Rani Amir, Director of Marine and Coastal Environment Division Ministry of Environmental Protection
2011 Mr Zeev Leshem, Director, Economic & International Affairs Ministry of Transport

Regional activities

Date Activity name Country participant name
05/2009 Regional Government and Industry Workshop on Cooperation, Preparedness for and Response to Oil Spills in the Mediterranean Sea - 11-12 May 2009, Marseille, France. Ms. Galia Pasternak, Mr. Gideon Bettlheim, Israel
11/2000 MEDEXPOL 2000 – Regional Seminar for Government Administrators and Senior Managers (on Accidental Marine Pollution preparedness and response) -Naples, Italy, 6-10 November 2000 Mr. Rani Amir, Israel
03/2000 MEDEXPOL 99/2 Regional Training Course on New Techniques for Shoreline Pollution (Oil/Chemical) Clean-up, Brest, France, 21-25 March 2000 Mr. Oved Meytav, Israel
12/2001 MEDEXPOL 2001 – Regional Training Course on Prevention, Preparedness and Response to accidents involving hazardous substances at ship-shore interface - 10-14 December 2001 Mr. Rani Amir, Israel
10/2002 MEDIPOL 2002 6 Regional Seminar on response to Oil and Chemical spills for Governments Administrators and senior Managers - 29 October - 02 November 2002 Mr. Rani Amir, Israel
10/2003 MEDIPOL 2003 – European Workshop on Satellite Imagery and illicit oil spills in Europe and in the Mediterranean and Field activities in Rognac, Marseilles - Toulon, France 02-04 October 2003 Mr. Eli Varbourg, Mr. Ronen Elkalay Israel
10/2005 MEDEXPOL 2005 – Regional Seminar on the use of Remote Sensing in Oil Pollution Control, Nicosia, Cyprus, 17-20 October 2005 Mr. Yechiel Kalusky, Mr. Alexanser Gerson, Israel
12/2004 Regional Alert Exercice - MEDIPOLEX 2004, organized in close collaboration with the national Focal Point of Cyprus, held on 7-8 December 2004 All Contracting Parties participated
11/2007 MEDEXPOL 2007 - Regional Seminar on Illicit Discharges from Ships and Prosecution of Offenders - Marseille, France 27-30 November 2007 Mr. Nimrod Utitz, Ms. Iris Shalit, Mr. Alexander Gerson. Israel
11/2000 Subregional Training Course on new Development in Shoreline Clean-up Techniques (TCY96/INT/08), Malta, 14-16 November 2000 Mr. Rani Amir, Ms. Osnat Mor, Mr Oz Goren, Mr Hagai Blencher, Mr. Adi Matmon, Israel
05/2000 Subregional Training Course on Trrainers (TCY96/INT/08), Nicosia, Cyprus, 16-18 May 2000 Mr. Ellik Adler, Mr. Itzhak Kodovitzki, Mr. Gideon Bettelheim. Mr. Oz Goren, Israel
06/2007 Pollution prevention and control (INFOPOL) training course Mr. Yechiel KALUSKI

National activities

Date Activity name
11/2006 Joint Training Exercise - Combatting Marine Pollution by Oil, Eilat-Aqaga - November 2006
05/2006 Exercise - Mediterranean Assistance Unit - May 2006
11/2007 International Exercise Jordan- Israel
07/2007 National Exercise-clean beach held in 2007
05/2008 Marine Pollution Combat Exercise in Ashkelon - 20 May 2008
11/2009 Israel-Jordan bi-national exercise

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