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National & regional system - response strategy

Monitoring and Evaluation

Satellite image
Aerial surveillance
Naval surveillance
Forecasting models   GNOME (NOAA) oil spill forecasting model for use in the territorial sea

Response at sea

Use of dispersant  

Carried out by Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Transport + Private Contractors

Aerial surveillance  

Prior written autorisation from the Ministry of Environment

Related Legislation

Under development

Delimitation zones for the use of dispersants

Case by case – water depth >20 m, or offshore at less than one nautical mile from any coastal national park or marine reserve.

Authority in charge of authorisation identified  

Ministry of Environmental Protection

Dispersant testing procedures  

Efficeincy, toxicity biodegradability

List of approved products  

List of CEDRE + FE11, DO All 18, Bio Solve and PTI 25

List of competent laboratories authorized

Sending to CEDRE

Containment and recovery  

Details in Section 5

In situ burning

Details in Section 5

Shoreline protection and cleanup

Shoreline protection  

Details in Section 5

Shoreline cleanup  

Details in Section 5


Operation activities
Government/Industry relation
Public relation
Media relation

Waste management

National policy regarding oily waste
Treatment/disposal facilities/solutions


Integration of international experts in the coordination body


Claims legal basis at national level
Claims included in the contingency plan
National structure dealing with claims

Volunteers management

Volunteers management considered in the plan

Faune protection

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