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Trans-Boundary arrangements


To whom the request has to be addressed
Full name of the institution European Commission
Department or position Duty Officer Monitoring and Information CENTRE (MIC) DG ECHO - Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection
Address (number, street, city) 200, Rue de la Loi 1049 Brussels, BELGIUM
Telephone (24 hours a day) +32-2-292-2222
Telefax +32-2-299-0525
Working hours 24/7


To whom the request has to be addressed
Financial conditions for expert services The MIC can deploy an expert team which is composed out of nominations received from the participating States and EMSA. Experts' salaries would be paid by their Administrations which the deployment costs would be covered by the European Commission.
Restrictions (visa, etc.) concerning travel to any Mediterranean country? If yes, please indicate which countries
Financial and other conditions (transportation, etc.) for making the equipment or product available to a requesting party EMSA Oil recovery vessel - requesting State has to sign Incident Response Contract (IRC) with all relevant regulations concerning reimbursement. The European Commission can cover up to 50% of the transportation cost for the provision of assistance from the Participating State to the affected Country
Location of equipment and products and nearest port or airport (city/port, city/airport) EMSA Vessels' Technical Specifications are published at view=articleid=90Itemid=146

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