Gaseous releases from maritime incidents

Guide for Risks of Gaseous releases resulting from Maritime Accidents.png

Risks of gaseous releases resulting from maritime incidents (2018)

The document provides emergency-planning personnel with informative background on the issues related to releases of gases, and it is intended for the response personnel, in particular decision-makers, who have a basic maritime and technical background. The document deals with the following topics: aspects of the chemistry of gases pertaining to their carriage at sea, container systems for packaged gases, layouts of gas carriers, international regulations governing the transportation of gases by sea, hazardous properties of gases, behaviour of airborne gas releases, and response measures for gas releases.

Since it is recognized that the overall topic of the transport of gases by sea is extremely complex, some liberties have been taken in the way some of the information has been presented. This has been done to ensure that the various concepts can be easily understood by a wide audience.