SITREP 21 - Spill in Lebanon – Feb 06, 2007

Since the publication of the last SITREP (SITREP 20 – 01.12.2006), private companies have been contracted by UNDP in collaboration with the Lebanese Ministry of Environment (MoE). The clean up operations carried out by the private companies have been financed by UNDP with the international contribution.

CEDRE has been contracted by UNDP to ensure technical supervision and control of ongoing and planned clean-up operations.

Presently, it can be considered that the bulk of oil has been removed almost all along the coast, even if some sites are occasionally impacted by new emergences of sunken oil, especially in the Byblos area. Most of the pebbles and sandy beaches are cleaned but are still prone to be impacted by the sporadic arrival of tar balls.

Some of the contracted private companies will continue the clean up operations during spring, when meteorological conditions permit.

The MoE, together with UNDP, are currently searching for technical solutions for waste disposal.

UNDP is still in charge of the coordination of international assistance.

The last update of the clean up operations, up to 1st February 2007, is the following:

Liquid oil(almost pure oil) Semi-solid(mostly oil with some sands and debris) Polluted sands and pebbles, debris and equipment TOTAL
1026m3 238m3 6016m3 7280m3