MOIG Workshop on National and Regional Oil Spill Response Capability and Cooperation, Adana-Ceyhan, Turkey, 17-19 November 2015 – Nov 17, 2015

REMPEC was invited by the Mediterranean Oil Industry Group (MOIG) to participate in the Regional Workshop entitled “National and Regional Oil Spill Response Capability and Cooperation”, held in Adana-Ceyhan, Turkey, between 17 and 19 November 2015.

The main objective of the Workshop was to review and discuss topics on present and future Mediterranean oil and gas activities, with special focus on:

  • Enhancing communication & expert networking; 
  • Recognizing regional efforts & identify further actions; 
  • Benefiting from Manufacturers & Responders technical expertise;
  • Clarifying preparedness & response expectations; and
  • Establishing key recommendations.

This three-day Workshop brought together National, Regional and International Authorities, with Oil & Gas spill response professionals.

On Wednesday 18th November 2015, M. Gonzalez, Head of Office of REMPEC, gave a presentation entitled “Developments in the Mediterranean Region in the Field of Oil Spill Preparedness and Response”, during which he presented the drafting process of the Regional Strategy for Prevention of and Response to Marine Pollution from Ships (2016-2021), to be adopted by the Nineteenth Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Convention for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea Against Pollution (Barcelona Convention) to be held between 9 and 12 February 2016, as well as the challenging Programme of Work of the Centre for 2016-2017. Besides, he explained that the theme “Cooperation in the Mediterranean to prevent and combat marine pollution” would guide the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of REMPEC throughout the year 2017, and emphasized the opportunity to strengthen cooperation in the field of oil spill preparedness and response in the Mediterranean region in this regard. Indeed, the cooperation between REMPEC and inter alia the MOIG will be of paramount importance and should contribute to the implementation of the Mediterranean Government Industry Cooperation Action Plan “MGICAP”. Discussions on potential joint activities in 2016 and 2017 were initiated during the Workshop.