Mr Malek Smaoui recruited as Programme Officer (OPRC) at REMPEC – Oct 19, 2015

REMPEC was pleased to announce that following the completion of the recruitment process, Mr Malek Smaoui had assumed his duties as Programme Officer (OPRC) at REMPEC with effect from 19 October 2015. 

Mr Malek Smaoui holds a Master’s Degree in Maritime Transport Engineering from the Merchant Marine School, Sousse, Tunisia.  He also obtained a Certificate of Administrator of Maritime Affairs from the Groupe des Ecoles des Affaires Maritimes, Bordeaux, France.  Mr Smaoui worked in the Merchant Marine Authority and in the Ministry of Environment, Tunisia where he assumed various responsibilities related to the safety and the security of shipping, the prevention of marine pollution and the protection of natural and biological resources. Mr Smaoui has a wide experience in the field of preparedness and response to accidental marine pollution. In 2010, he joined the private sector, where he held the posts of Consultant in Marine Environment and Director of the Health, Safety and Environment Department at the Senegal international airport Construction Project.

Furthermore, Mr Smaoui was the Governmental Focal Point of REMPEC for ten years where he actively participated in the preparation of the Prevention and Emergency Protocol, the Regional Strategy for Prevention of and Response to Marine Pollution from Ships (2005-2015) and the Sub-regional Plan against Marine Pollution in the South-Western Mediterranean.

Duties and responsibilities of Mr Smaoui at REMPEC include a variety of technical, policy and regional regulatory duties related to marine environment protection issues and in particular to those related to preparedness for and response to marine pollution, assisting the Head of Office on policy issues regarding regional activities in that field and providing technical assistance and expert advice to the competent national authorities of the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention, amongst others.