Waste Management Decision Support Tool

The Waste Management Decision Support Tool

The Waste Management Decision Support Tool was developed by REMPEC to support Mediterranean coastal States when establishing or revising their national waste management strategy for oily waste resulting from accidental marine pollution. The tool aims at facilitating the determination of the most suitable techniques for the countries and at highlighting, where necessary, regulatory amendments. It focuses on oil spill waste recovered after an accidental oil spill. The “Mediterranean Oil Spill Waste Management Guidelines" endorsed by the Tenth Meeting of Focal Points of REMPEC (Malta, 3-5 May 2011) was used to develop the internet application consisting on the Decision Support Tool.

All Mediterranean coastal States have been provided with individual credentials to allow them to input their national information in the application in order to create all potential sections of an Oil Spill Waste Management.

The application assists the user to dynamically build waste streams, depending on the types of waste to be treated. Knowing the type of waste, the Application can propose to the user what possible treatments and potential installations to implement the treatment(s). Knowing the facilities, the Application can identify treatments available and the acceptable kinds of waste for these facilities.

Access Waste Management Decision Support Tool: https://wastemanagement.rempec.org

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