REMPEC Country Profile

The REMPEC Country Profiles

The REMPEC Country Profiles contains detailed information on the implementation of the 2002 Prevention and Emergency Protocol. With a view to helping Mediterranean coastal States to fulfil their obligations “to use their best endeavours to render assistance to the other Parties who so request in case of emergency”, REMPEC’s function is to collect and disseminate information concerning “experts, equipment and installations in each coastal State”.

This knowledge, under certain conditions, can be made available at the disposal of the States upon their requests, in case of emergency. The Country Profile of each Contracting Party to the Barcelona Convention shares knowledge on preparedness for and response to marine pollution, such as Contact list of the National Competent Authorities, the status of ratification of relevant conventions and protocols, national and regional system, response strategy, available expertise, trans-boundary arrangements and training.

It also contains information concerning the prevention of marine pollution from ships, i.e. Contact list for the National competent authorities, the status of ratification and implementation of relevant international conventions. The information available in the Country Profiles pages is updated solely by the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention and validated by REMPEC, except for the status of ratification of Conventions and Protocols as these are regularly updated by REMPEC based on information provided by the IMO. Additional information made directly available to REMPEC by the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention is also updated. The list of companies offering services in the Mediterranean region in case of emergency is exclusively provided by the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention with no exceptions.

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