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Trans-Boundary arrangements


To whom the request has to be addressed
Full name of the institution Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA)
Department or position National Coordinator (G.M. Special Assignments and Environmental Disasters Management)
Address (number, street, city) 30 Misr Helwan El-Zyrae Rd., Maadi, Cairo
Telephone (24 hours a day) +20 2 2525 6491-2
Telefax +20 2 2525 6494
Working hours 24 hours a day


To whom the request has to be addressed
Financial conditions for expert services All expenses should be covered
Restrictions (visa, etc.) concerning travel to any Mediterranean country? If yes, please indicate which countries Israel EU Countries (visa request 2 weeks in advance)
Financial and other conditions (transportation, etc.) for making the equipment or product available to a requesting party Payment of equipment damage Equipment rent and expert made available could be billed In particular cases expertise might be offered
Location of equipment and products and nearest port or airport (city/port, city/airport) - Alexandria (Alexandria Port/Airport) - Suez (Suez Port/Cairo Airport) - Ras Gharib (Suez port/ Cairo Airport) - Hurghada (Hurgada port or Safaga Port (60km from Hurghada/ Hurgada airport) - Sharm El Shiekh (Sharm El Shiekh Port/Airport)

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