Federazione Nazionale dell’Industria Chimica (Federchimica)

About Federchimica

Federchimica is the Italian Federation of the chemical industry. At the present time 1400 companies, with a total of 90.000 employees, are part of Federchimica. They are grouped into 17 Associations, articulated into 42 product groups. Federchimica is a member of Confindustria (General Confederation of the Italian Industry) and CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council). The “ServizioEmergenzeTrasporti” (S.E.T.) is a voluntary Programme that involves Companies associated to Federchimica and other Companies and Associations with the common purpose to cooperate with Public Authorities in order to give assistance in case of accidents during the transport of chemicals.


Federchimica it’s the Federation of Italian chemical industry. Founded as the Italian Federation of Chemical Industry Associations in 1920, it became Aschimici in 1945 and was transformed into Federchimica in 1984. Federchimica does not have a commercial nature and does not operate for profit.


Federchimica, whose primary objectives are the coordination and the protection of the role of the Italian chemical industry as well as the promotion of its development capacity, has, among others, the following main duties:

  • to elaborate guidelines in economic, industrial and trade union matters and also in the areas of environment, innovation and energy policies;
  • to promote these policies with Public Authorities, national economic organisations, other entrepreneurial organisations, international organisations to whom the Federation belongs, trade union leaders, environmental and consumer organisations;
  • to carry out studies and projects which inspire and legitimise entrepreneurial choice;
  • to contribute to the constant promotion of the level of quality of the companies associated, with a particular attention to the organisation of initiatives in the field of innovation;
  • prepare, divulge and improve the Accident Prevention Systems and eventually to support the Action Plan of the Public Authorities through “S.E.T.” (a service focused on transport emergencies)  with efficient and ready interventions.

“S.E.T.” activities are ruled by an Agreement Protocol signed on January  9th 1998 with the Civil Protection Department of the Council of Ministers’ Premiership, and with the General Management, Civil Protection, Fire-brigades Services Departments of the Ministry of the Interiors.

A new “Memorandum Of Understanding concerning the participation of Federchimica in the Mediterranean Assistance Unit” has been signed between Federchimica and REMPEC.

Role and/or Services

Federchimica, operating through the “S.E.T.”, supports the activities of REMPEC concerning the emergencies regarding chemical products in Mediterranean Sea by providing:

 (a)    the required expertise and advice when remote technical assistance is requested or/and

 (b)    expert personnel belonging to member companies of Federchimica which takes part in the Mediterranean Assistant Unit (MAU) missions.

Federchimica shall also ensure that its expert personnel participating in the MAU missions are fully supported by the necessary means available at the main office of Federchimica to execute their advisory role.


After receiving a request for assistance from a Contracting Party, the Head of Office of REMPEC shall take a decision regarding the activation of the MAU and alert Federchimica, through S.E.T..

The Emergency Transport Service S.E.T. shall acknowledge the receipt of the alert message and, after consulting with the Company, member of Federchimica, shall indicate whether and when the required services can be provided. 

For deployment onsite the Emergency Transport Service “S.E.T”. shall endeavour to immediately establish the direct telephone contact with REMPEC (through the emergency line) and arrangements for sending experts will be proposed.

For remote assistance, the communication procedure will follow the standard ICE communication procedure


Address: Federchimica, , Via Giovanni da Procida, 20149 Milano 11, Italy

Website: www.federchimica.it

Telephone: +39 (0)2-345651

Fax: +39 (0)2 34565.310

Email: federchimica@federchimica.it 

In case of emergency only (24H) – Restricted to official use only

Servizio Emergenze Trasporti

Emergency Email: set@set-emergenze.it

Servizio Emergenze Trasporti

Emergency line: 

(National Only): 800 180 990

(International) +39 (0)362 51 28 68