Workshop organized by the Environment General Authority (EGA) on the protection of the marine environment in Libya – Jun 30, 2010

At the invitation of EGA, REMPEC participated in a workshop organized on 30 June on the protection of the marine environment. Representatives from EGA, the maritime administration, ports, shipping industry as well as the navy and several oil companies operating in Libya attended the workshop.

Due to its position as a major oil exporting country, Libya is highly concerned with the risk of oil spills as well as the possible introduction of invasive alien species via ballast water from loading tankers. The workshop gave an opportunity to inform the Libyan marine community of REMPEC’s activities in these fields. EGA introduced the work it has carried in the development of a National Environment Contingency Plan, which will also address the risk of oil spill whereas the National Oil Corporation (NOC) presented the result of a study it has recently commissioned to assess the available response equipment and trained personnel amongst all the oil companies operating in Libya and to set up a national response organization: the National Oil Spill Response Club.