VISIT | Mr. Dominik Englert and Mr. Rico Salgmann, Representatives from the World Bank and Ms. Lucienne Meilak from the Ministry for Transport visit REMPEC – Jul 14, 2023

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REMPEC, World Bank and Ministry for Transport - 13 July 2023


The Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Centre for the Mediterranean Sea (REMPEC) welcomed the visit of Mr. Dominik Englert, Economist, Global Transport Unit and Mr. Rico Salgmann, Transport Specialist, Global Transport Unit – World Bank Group along with Ms. Lucienne Meilak, Director, Policy Development and Programme Implementation – Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects, on 13th July 2023.

After the delegation was shown around the REMPEC premises and introduced to the REMPEC staff, a meeting followed. The meeting started with an overview of REMPEC’s background, mandate and main objectives and activities, relating mainly to Prevention, Preparedness and Response, and finally, the present Med Strategy (2022 – 2031). During the meeting future cooperation was also discussed.