Regional Workshop on Oil Spill Risk Assessment in the Mediterranean Sea – Nov 29, 2011

REMPEC in cooperation with MOIG and with the participation of the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA) organized the Workshop on Oil Spill Risk Assessment in the Mediterranean Sea (MEDEXPOL 2011), in Barcelona between the 29 November and 1 December 2011.

Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention, represented by 19 participants attended the Workshop with representatives from the Mediterranean oil industry, United Nations organizations (UNEP/MAP, IMO), MAP Partners, non-governmental and other regional organizations. The Workshop aiming at discussing with the Government and Industry Representatives the existing approach to oil spill risk assessment, concluded with the following set of recommendations for development of an oil spill risk assessment methodology for the Mediterranean Sea during the next biennium (2012-2013):

  • To identify the sources and characteristics (age, type, accuracy) of data used to assess the risk.
  • To try and integrate all forecasting models in a single reliable end-user one, under the framework of  the MOON, with high resolution data provided.
  • To investigate centralized data and models initiatives on sensitivity mapping, in order to define a harmonized approach.
  • To define common concepts and terminology and integrate specific aspects of the risk in the Mediterranean (e.g. water  column  And sea bottom, offshore and high seas risks), for the harmonization of the risk assessment approach across   Mediterranean countries.
  • To encourage and agree on sharing the results and data of risk assessments and response capacity.
  • To improve data inventory on response capacity.
  • To define and improve the procedures to seek for international assistance. 

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