Oiled Shoreline Assessment Manual now available – Dec 20, 2012

The Oiled Shoreline Assessment Manual, developed under the task C.2 of the POSOW project is now available for download.  The manual has been prepared by Cedre in collaboration with all project partners. It is an adaptation of the Mediterranean Guidelines on Oiled Shoreline Assessment published by REMPEC, in 2009, in the framework of the Mediterranean Technical Working Group.

This document is designed to help teams of volunteers to understand and be able to undertake shoreline surveys to provide key information for authorities during the first or ‘reactive’ phase of the response.

This manual is one of 4 manuals produced in the framework of the POSOW project. The others address the Oil Spill Volunteer, Oiled Shoreline Cleanup and Oiled Wildlife Response, and will be available early 2013.

The manual can be downloaded in POSOW's website.