New version of MEDGIS-MAR is now available online – Jun 28, 2018

First released in 2015, the 2018 version of the Mediterranean Integrated Geographical Information System on Marine Pollution Risk Assessment and Response (MEDGIS-MAR) has been completed with 15 improvements detailed below:  

-  Improvement 1: Background layer

A layer selector at the top right of the map lets the user choose between Google Maps and Positron CartoDB base maps. 

-  Improvement 2: Different type of pollution from a same ship

A new button at the bottom of the accident form allows the user to add up to three different pollutants for the same accident and provide information on their characteristics. 

-  Improvement 3: Illicit discharges

A new object category "Illegal Discharges" has been added. 

-  Improvement 4: Granular access management

The Public / Private status on objects has been replaced by a selection between Public / Partners / Private. The administration page for associating a permission type with an object type is accessible from the main interface menu (by clicking on the user's name).

 -  Improvement 5: Record of the date of an upload and modification

Two new fields allow the user to save and display the creation date of the object as well as the date of last modification. For objects entered before May 17, 2018, these dates are not known and are therefore not displayed.

 -  Improvement 6: Export in Excel sheet in addition of .CSV

A new button on the interface allows you to export the data in XLSX format.

 -  Improvement 7: New upload with a batch file

A new "Import" button accessible from the administration interface makes it possible to import files, notably in the Excel XLS and XLSX formats (admin account only). 

-  Improvement 8: New item is confronted to the existing database in order to avoid duplications

A mechanism for verifying non-duplication of objects has been put in place. The fields used are the country, then for each type of object:

  • Equipments: type
  • Accidents: ship_name
  • Oil and gas offshore installations: name
  • Oil handling facilities: name

 -  Improvement 9: Accidents filters

Four filters were added for accidents (i.e. pollution, year, type of pollution, size of known pollution).

 -  Improvement 10: Illicit discharges display and filters

A main filter on the type of rejection has been added. Two secondary filters also filter according to the conviction and the type of sanction.

 -  Improvement 11: Icons Legend depending to types of data displayed

The legend of the three categories represented by several icons (equipment, accidents and illegal releases) now display the pictograms next to the name of each object. 

-  Improvement 12: Multiplication of data displayed issue

Technical measures have been put in place to diagnose and solve the problem of cumulative display of data.

-  Improvement 13: Oil Spill Forecasts Upload

A new side panel allows you to send a zip file from WITOIL containing the simulation files of an oil spill.

Several information are extracted from these files:

  • scorners.json: bounding box of simulation images
  • infle.txt: duration and interval of the simulation
  • oil_xxxx.png: image files of the simulation at each time interval

This information allows you to position the images and animate them on the map. A button allows you to restart the animation and a scroll bar allows you to position yourself at a precise position in time. 

-  Improvement 14: User Activity History

A new entry in the user menu has been added. It permits:

  • a user to consult his history,
  • an administrator to view the history of all users. 

-  Improvement 15: Responsive website