Mediterranean Guidelines on Oiled Shoreline Assessment available in Arabic – Mar 12, 2013

The Mediterranean Guidelines on Oiled Shoreline Assessment are now available in Arabic and can be downloaded from REMPEC's website  (, under the section "Our work/Pollution Preparedness and Response/Response/Guidelines & Tools/Guidelines"

Thanks to a co-operation with the Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden - PERSGA, the Guidelines developed in 2009 are now available in Arabic.

The Guidelines are aimed at harmonising shoreline assessment in the region and at facilitating exchange of information. The common regional shoreline assessment procedure should fasten the communication in time of crisis and should enable any regional or international expert to understand and subsequently analyse the shoreline assessment form and provide consistent recommendations on appropriate response strategy.

The translation in the Arabic language may facilitate the use of the guidelines as a basis in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean.