CMA CGM STRAUSS accident – Mar 05, 2010

Last report:

On Friday 19 February, the containership CMA CGM “STRAUSS” was in collision with tug “FRANCIA” in Genoa port in Italy. One of its fuel oil tanks was damaged leading to a spill of 184 tons of fuel oil. The slicks drifted off the French coast. The competent authorities of the countries concerned carried out response operations at sea involving Italian and French spill response means.

The operational response plan against pollution, developed in the framework of the agreement RAMOGE between Italy, Monaco and Spain, activated on 23 February 2010, was deactivated on 1 March 2010.

No pollution was detected by the latest Navy and the French Custom's aerial surveys. The response system (Plan ORSEC), activated on 23 February 2010, was deactivated, on Friday 5 March 2010.

Source: Website of the French Prefecture of the Mediterranean Sea (in French).