Assistance extended by REMPEC for the development of the National Contingency Plan of the Republic of Montenegro – May 25, 2010

REMPEC organised, between 25 and 27 May 2010, in collaboration of the Maritime Safety Department of the Republic of Montenegro several meetings with the relevant competent authorities to discuss their involvements in the national contingency plan in view of defining the Montenegrin response structure. The meetings involved inter alia the Maritime Safety Department, the Navy of Montenegro, the Ministry for Transport, Maritime Affairs and Telecommunications, the Environmental Protection Agency of Montenegro, the Sector for Emergency Situations and Civil Protection Civil Aviation Agency, and the Ministry for Spatial Planning and Environment.

This mission is a follow-up of the project named “Development of national capacities of Serbia and Montenegro for prevention of, preparedness for and response to marine pollution from ships” implemented by REMPEC during the biennium 2006-2007.

In view of the finalization of the plan and based on the outcome of the above mentioned meetings, the Centre is preparing, in close cooperation with the national competent authority, a National Contingency Plan Workshop, to be held in Bar between 7 and 9 September 2010.