And the winner is … Ms Tatiana Hema, from UNEP/MAP- Barcelona Convention – Jun 16, 2016

UNEP announced on 13 June 2016 its BAOBAB award winners. Among those was Ms. Tatiana Hema MED POL programme officer of UNEP/MAP, who won the Environmental Service Award. 

“I am happy that my work has been acknowledged at UNEP level. No one can succeed working alone, therefore I consider this as a recognition for the collective work by UNEP/MAP team and its MED POL programme. I would like to thank my colleagues who were very confident that I will get this award. I believe that all the team of UNEP/MAP, who was also nominated this year, deserves this award, which sheds light on the importance of the regional contribution towards the achievement of global commitments”.

The Environmental Service Award exemplifies those who demonstrate an outstanding effort and dedication in their field of expertise to enhance environmental sustainability and conservation at local, national, regional or international levels. 

“Ms Hema has been with UNEP/MAP-Barcelona Convention for 12 years, and is with MEDPOL since 2012.  Among her many accomplishments, her tireless efforts have resulted in innovative and substantive work in the Mediterranean towards pollution reduction. She is highly praised and appreciated by the Mediterranean countries for her services. Her work is inspiring other regional seas programmes to formulate action plans on marine litter. Her efforts draw on her impeccable technical expertise, her consistent professionalism and her strong interpersonal skills", said Naysan Sahba, Director of DCPI, introducing her.

“I am so happy and proud that Tatjana was awarded this year's Baobab Environmental Service Award - a much deserved recognition to a person that stands out for her skills, commitment and inspiring work! Tatjana is a truly remarkable colleague and I look forward to continuing working with her for the success of UNEP/MAP - well done!”, said Gaetano Leone, Coordinator of UNEP/MAP- Secretariat of the Barcelona Convention and its Protocols. 

Ms Hema was instrumental in the development and adoption of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Protocol, and in the last 2 years had led the work towards the adoption of the Marine Litter Action Plan and Assessment and in general the successful delivery of MED POL programme of work.

Tatiana is an example to her colleagues in the MED POL team.

“Tatjana is the most dedicated staff I have worked with. She embodies all the UN values, works day and night for the countries she serves and therefore truly deserves this Baobab award”, said Virginie Hart.

And Shelley Farrington added, “In my experience in working with Tatjana, I admire her for her dedication and efficiency in meeting deadlines and achieving results.  She has a vision for the MED POL Programme and demonstrates this in the daily work. She is a great team leader and manages to keep a fine balance and harmony in the department amongst colleagues”.

“In few words, I can say that Tatiana is straightforward, hardworking, dedicated, resilient, trustworthy, weariless defender and champion of UNEP/MAP” concluded Nathalie Gomez.