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The International Salvage Union (ISU) is the sole representative organisation for the international marine salvage industry with a membership of 60 salvage companies from 35 different countries. Membership of the ISU is restricted to those companies with a record of successful salvage and pollution prevention. Members are required to have the high level of expertise expected of the professional salvor.

In addition, Associate Membership of the ISU is open to all organisations and professionals with an interest in salvage, including P&I Clubs, other marine insurers, law firms, ports, national response organisations, shipowners and managers, coastal local authorities, environmental organisations, clean-up specialists and others. The ISU has around 80 Affiliated and Associate Members.


ISU is a company limited by guarantee registered under English law.
ISU has had consultative status at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) since 1979.
ISU has consultative status at the International Oil Pollution Convention (IOPC) Funds.


One of the ISU’s primary objectives is to foster a wider understanding of the salvage industry’s contribution to environmental protection and the recovery of property. The ISU also plays an active role in encouraging inter-industry debate concerning the many legal and commercial issues influencing the efficient performance of salvage and pollution prevention services.

ISU is a member of the Lloyd’s Salvage Group and SCOPIC Committee.

The International Union of Marine Insurance, INTERTANKO, INTERCARGO, BIMCO, The Baltic Exchange, International Bunker Industry Association, International Maritime Industries' Forum, Association of Average Adjusters, European Tugowners Association, London Shipping Law Centre, International Ship Managers' Association and the American Salvage Association are affiliated to the ISU on a reciprocal basis.

Role and/or Services

To provide representation for the international marine salvage industry at numerous international, national, legal and commercial fora.


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The ISU is managed by a Secretariat based in London.



International Salvage Union
Holland House,

1-4 Bury Street,

London, EC3A 5AW, UK


Mark Hoddinott
General Manager

Phone: +44 20 7220 6597

Mobile: +44 7805 955348


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