1994 Nassia Incident

In March 1994, the Nassia incident released 95,000 tonnes of crude oil in Turkey after the tanker collided with a cargo ship. During the incident, REMPEC activated the MAU for the first time.
Coordinates Lat.  41.0, Long.  28.0
Date 13 March 1994
Country Turkey
Location Bosporus strait
Cause Collision
Oil type Crude oil
Quantity spilled 95,000 tonnes

On 13 March 1994, the Nassia crude oil tanker was hit by a cargo ship, the Shipbroker, in the Bosporus strait while travelling from Italy to Russia.

A crack in the vessel released 95,000 tonnes of crude oil. The released oil ignited causing 5 successive explosions and the fire spread to the Shipbroker. 24 crews were killed, with 29 people injured and 10 missing.

Some of the oil slicks dissipated at sea, others remained visible. Floating booms and skimmers were used to collect and remove the rest.

Credit picture: Cedre