Webinar World Ocean Day - What solutions to fight plastic pollution in the ocean? – Jun 05, 2020

Monday 08 June 2020 from 02:30pm to 04:00pm (CEST) (in French & English, without translation)

Plastic pollution of the ocean is now reaching an alarming level, threatening species and ecosystems, affecting the well-being of populations and costing billions of euros every year, in particular through its impact on sectors such as tourism and fishing. In recent years, initiatives have been multiplying to reduce the use of plastics, prevent their release into the marine environment, promote a circular economy and encourage innovation and research to find alternatives to their use. The international community is even currently considering the relevance of drawing up a legally binding international agreement to combat plastic pollution of the ocean. Faced with this proliferation of initiatives, carried out at different scales and by different actors, it seems necessary to question the coherence that needs to be brought to the fight against plastic pollution. How can we effectively combine political actions and private initiatives? How to ensure synergy between measures developed at local, national and even international levels? What gaps need to be filled to enable genuine protection of the marine environment? These issues will be discussed during this webinar which will bring together :

  • Brune Poirson, Secretary of State to the French Minister of the Ecological and Solidarity Transition;
  • Gaetano Leone, Coordinator of the Mediterranean Action Plan;
  • Leila Meistertzheim, President of Plastic@Sea, Banyuls Oceanological Observatory, Fondation Tara Océan;
  • Glen Wright, International Ocean Policy Researcher, IDDRI

Webinar moderated by Sébastien Treyer, Director of IDDRI.

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