Visit of a delegation from the Ministry of Transport of Libya – Jan 10, 2014

A delegation from the Port and Maritime Transport Authority of the Ministry of Transport of  of Libya visited REMPEC on 10th January 2014 as part of their visit to Malta coordinated by Transport Malta.

The objective of the meeting with REMPEC was to enhance cooperation between the Port and Maritime Transport Authority  and REMPEC  in coordination with the Libyan national competent authorities involved in prevention of, preparedness for, and response to marine pollution issues, in particular the Environment General Authority (EGA).

During the visit to REMPEC, the Libyan delegation was informed of the system of national Focal Points that the Centre follows in order to communicate with the national competent authorities of the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention. The need for coordination between the relevant national competent authorities of Libya with regard to REMPEC issues in general and particularly with regard to the development of the national marine pollution contingency plan, the implementation of the Offshore Protocol ratified by Libya on 16 June 2005, and the preparations for the ratification of the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments, 2004 was emphasised.