REMPEC organized a training course in Morocco on aerial observation of marine pollution. – Dec 15, 2009

Between the 15 and 17 December 2009, REMPEC has organized in Salé (Morocco) a national training course on aerial observation of marine pollution for Moroccan senior officials. Sixteen participants, from the “Forces Royales Air”, the “royal gendarmerie” and the “royal navy”, benefited from the course.

The training course aimed at providing the participants with technical expertise for the aerial observation of accidental pollution and illicit discharges. The lectures included technical aspects of observation, reporting procedures, collection of evidence as well as legal aspects. The lectures were given by CEDRE (Center of Documentation, Research and Experimentation on Accidental Water Pollution) and the French Customs.

The course was organized as part of REMPEC’s program of work, developing a regional system for monitoring and control of marine pollution, providing technical expertise on remote detection and assistance to coastal states in the establishment of surveillance and control systems. The course met two objectives of the Regional Strategy adopted by the Contracting Parties in 2005 : aiming at improving the follow-up of pollution events and the monitoring and surveillance of illegal discharges, and at improving the level of enforcement and the prosecution against discharges offenders.

Download the report (in French)