Posters and brochure developed under the POSOW project – Apr 22, 2013

Eleven posters on the four themes of the project were developed by Cedre, ISPRA and Sea Alarm, with the collaboration of all the partners. The posters designed to be used in the field, summarize and illustrate key messages to be considered by response operators (professionals or volunteers) when responding to an oil spill.

The posters, complementing the manuals,  will be introduced to the trainers during the Train the Trainer Courses to be held at the end of May 2013. They will then be disseminated to the regions of the beneficiary countries, as a supporting material to train volunteers at a local level.

In order to promote the POSOW project in various events and during the Train the Trainer Courses and  National Pilot trainings, a brochure summarizing the objectives and outcome of the Project has been published.

The brochure and posters can be downloaded on POSOW Website: