POSOW Project - Layman Report – Mar 28, 2014

Following the completion of the Project for Preparedness for Oil-polluted Shoreline cleanup and Oiled Wildlife interventions – POSOW, the Layman report has been produced to summarize the concept of the project and to highlight its achievements:

  • 4 Manuals; 11 posters and 14 presentations in 7 languages
  • 252 Volunteers and professionals trained, in 9 regions of 8 Mediterranean countries
  • 34 Trainers available in 14 regions of the 8 Mediterranean countries
  • 276 Volunteers and Trainers in the POSOW Volunteers Database
  • Around 4,500 visits of POSOW Website

The POSOW team is grateful to all the organisations involved in the project, drivers of the regional dynamics created through the implementation of the project.

The report can be downloaded from POSOW website, in the Documentation/Reports section