OpenRisk Project presents first results – Jun 13, 2017

HELCOM (Helsinki Convention)-led OpenRisk project presents first results and gathers views on risk assessment methods for spill prevention, preparedness and response purposes at first Workshop in Helsinki from 13 to 14 June 17.

Among the participants at this Workshop, representatives of response cooperation in the North-West Pacific (MERRAC), North Sea (BONN Agreement) and Mediterranean Sea (REMPEC) attended to launch cooperation across regions.

Mr Malek Smaoui, Programme Officer (OPRC) at REMPEC, delivered a presentation on the Mediterranean Decision Support System for Marine Safety (MEDESS-4MS).

Next steps include project workshops to be hosted by Lisbon Agreement (SW Europe, 12 October 2017) and REMPEC (2018).

For further information see the HELCOM website.