Farewell to Mr. Christophe Blazy and Arrival of the new Junior Programme Officer Mrs. Phyllis Therdros – Aug 21, 2020


The secondment by France of Junior Programme Officers in the framework of the French mechanism of International Scientific Volunteering has enabled REMPEC to benefit from the technical knowledge and dynamism of newly graduated student since 1979.

In this context, Mr. Christophe Blazy, Junior Programme Officer - Voluntary International Scientific (VIS) of the French Government who was seconded in August 2018 to REMPEC by the French Oil Company Total S.A. has concluded his support to the Centre on 31 July 2020.

REMPEC greatly appreciated his involvement and contribution to the work of the Centre in the field of preparedness for and response to marine pollution from ships. Christophe's contributions included the organisation of training courses and workshops abroad, participation in antipollution exercises, and representations of REMPEC at international events.

In addition, Christophe was involved in the REMPEC Emergency Communication procedure during multiple circumstances such as exercises or real cases of marine pollution.

He assisted the Centre in the development and coordination of the upgrade and update of REMPEC’s websites, in particular the Centre’s website, the MENELAS website, as well as the maintenance of the platform MEDGIS-MAR and the POSOW and WestMOPoCo Projects websites.

Mr. Blazy greatly improved the REMPEC IT System in terms of telecommunications and technologies to facilitate the work of Centre as a Communication Officer.

The REMPEC team wishes Christophe all the best in his future careerThe recruitment process for the selection of the new Junior Programme Officer has been completed and REMPEC is pleased to announce the arrival of Mrs. Phyllis Therdros who took the position of Junior Programme Officer at REMPEC on 3 August 2020.

Mrs Therdros holds a master’s degree in Digital Marketing and Web Management from Inseec Business School from Paris. Mrs Therdros worked as a project manager for the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. She is seconded to REMPEC by the French oil company TOTAL S.A. as International Scientific Volunteer (VIS) for 18 up to 24 months. Her responsibilities include, amongst others:

  • support in the organisation of events and the implementation of various activities in the field of preparedness and response to marine pollution, as well as in the field of Offshore oil and gas activities.
  • support in writing documents and reports (English/French)
  • support the cooperation with the oil and gas industry at the regional level to develop joint activities
  • participation in communication exercises and other national oil spill exercises.
  • help in carrying out activities with the Mediterranean Technical Working Group (MTWG) and with the Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP);
  • maintenance and test the Mediterranean Assistance Unit (MAU),
  • maintenance and update the Centre’s Website, its Regional information System (RIS) and the Mediterranean Integrated Geographical Information System on Marine Pollution Risk Assessment and Response (MEDGIS-MAR)
  • support the Project Coordinator of the West MOPoCo project
  • update the alerts and accidents database
  • support the data update of the Maritime Integrated Decision Support Information System (MIDSIS-TROCS)
  • assist in the preparation and implementation of EC-funded or other externally funded projects.