Call for Proposals for the Provision of Consultancy Services to Support the Preparation of Sub-Regional Contingency Plan between Cyprus, Greece and Israel – Aug 22, 2016

In April 2016, the Ministers of Cyprus, Greece and Israel signed the Declaration for cooperation in the field of environment.

his Declaration, with the first priority focusing on pollution from hydrocarbons in the Mediterranean, clearly emphasises the political will to strengthen cooperation between the three countries in the field of preparedness for and response to marine pollution, taking into account the increasing risks of oil pollution in the south-eastern Mediterranean region.

In this regard, the Government of Cyprus, Greece and Israel expressed their wish to elaborate and adopt a sub-regional Contingency Plan (SCP) based on the new realities which include hydrocarbon exploitation.  In accordance with Article 17 of the 2002 Protocol concerning Co-operation in Preventing Pollution from Ships and, in Cases of Emergency, Combating Pollution of the Mediterranean Sea (Prevention and Emergency Protocol), a formal request of assistance from the three countries was addressed to REMPEC, to enable it to assist them, within the framework of its functions, in the process of developing and implementing this sub-regional agreement.

The assistance of REMPEC is in line with Articles 4 and 17 of the 2002 Prevention and Emergency Protocol, Specific Objective 22 of the Regional Strategy for Prevention of and Response to Marine Pollution from Ships (2016-2021) and in accordance with the Mediterranean Offshore Action Plan, in the framework of the Protocol for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea against Pollution resulting from Exploration and Exploitation of the Continental Shelf and the Seabed and its Subsoil (Offshore Protocol), adopted at the 19th Ordinary Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment and the Coastal Region of the Mediterranean and its Protocols, Athens, Greece, 9-12 February 2016 (COP19). 

The present call for proposals falls under the short term phase of the process of developing and implementing the SCP between Cyprus, Greece and Israel:

  • Short term: Drafting of the SCP taking into account existing best practices and SCPs, and adoption of the SCP through the signature of an “Agreement on the Sub-Regional Contingency Plan for Preparedness and Response to Major Marine Pollution Incidents between Cyprus, Greece and Israel. 

This initial effort will be followed up by a mid-term and a long-term phase focusing on the implementing of the SCP:

  • Mid-term: Technical workshops / trainings to reinforce capacities and strengthen the cooperation arrangements and technical assistance to complete and maintain the SCP operational; and
  • Long-Term: SCP testing through communication, table top and full scale exercises. 

To support REMPEC in carrying out this activity, which is financed by the Mediterranean Trust Fund (MTF), proposals for the Provision of Consultancy Services to Support the Preparation of Sub-Regional Contingency Plan between Cyprus, Greece and Israel have to be sent to Ms Karen Tanti ( not later than five (5) p.m. (Malta local time) on Thursday, 8 September 2016 and have to include:

  • a technical proposal detailing the work plan (as described in the below Terms of Reference);
  • a copy of your Curriculum Vitae highlighting in particular experience in developing marine pollution national and sub-regional contingency plans; and
  • a quote for the completion of the duties detailed in the below Terms of Reference, including travel and subsistence costs to attend the various meetings.

Questions about the Terms of Reference have to be sent to Ms Karen Tanti (  Questions and Answers (Q&A) related to this Call for Proposals will be published on REMPEC’s website, in the related news article.

The below set of clarifications that should be construed as forming an integral part of the Terms of Reference was published today (2 September 2016) on REMPEC's website.