5th Biennial GEF International Waters Conference, Cairns, North Queensland – Oct 26, 2009

REMPEC attended the 5th Biennial GEF International Waters Conference, hosted by the Government of Australia in Cairns, North Queensland, from 26 to 29 October 2009. The purpose of the Conference was to share experiences and innovative practices among GEF's global International Waters portfolio, promote learning and capacity building, develop strategies to enhance stakeholder collaboration, and encourage GEF International Waters projects to apply evolving GEF policies and procedures during implementation. The Conference was an opportunity for REMPEC to present the results achieved so far and expected outcome in the Mediterranean region with respect to ships’ ballast water management and invasive species. REMPEC had been invited, with the RAC-REMPEITC for the Caribbean region, to be part of the IMO-GloBallast delegation composed of the managers of the GloBallast Partnerships Project.

More information on the 5th Biennial GEF International Waters Conference can be found on the IW Learning Resource Exchange Website