2018 Corsica Oil Spill

In October 2018, the Corsica incident released 600 tonnes of heavy fuel oil near the island of Corsica, France following a collision at sea. During the incident, REMPEC offered assistance in the framework of MAU.
Coordinates Lat.  43.246167, Long.  9.4795
Date 7 October 2018
Country France
Location Corsica
Cause Collision
Oil type Heavy fuel oil
Quantity spilled 1000 tonnes

On 7 October 2018, the Tunisian vessel Ulysse collided with the Cypriot container ship CSL Virginia north of Cape Corsica. The collision smashed a hole in the hull of the CSL Virginia.

The breached tanks released upwards of 600 tonnes of heavy fuel oil into the Mediterranean Sea, causing a 3-mile long spill.

Spill response vessels and equipment were deployed by the French and Italian authorities to carry out cleanup operations. Oil recovery was aided by overflights conducted by surveillance planes.