2014 Evrona Oil Spill

In December 2014, a breached oil pipeline affected the Evrona nature reserve in Israel. During the event, Cedre and ISPRA provided technical advice in the framework of the MAU.
Coordinates Lat.  29.6748, Long.  35.0071
Date 4 December 2014
Country Israel
Location Be'er Ora
Cause Oil or gas leak
Oil type Crude oil
Quantity spilled 3-5 milion liters

On 4 December 2014, the Trans-Israel pipeline which is an oil pipeline in Israel was breached in the vicinity of Be’er Ora Israel following failed maintenance work.

Millions of litres of crude oil leaking from the pipeline damaged the Evrona nature reserve in southern Israel. Oil slicks spread over 5 miles, leading to the temporary closure of the main road to Eilat.

20,000 tonnes of contaminated soil were removed for treatment, and barriers were erected to prevent the oil from spreading to additional territories. Air quality tests were conducted.