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Directory of companies in the Mediterranean in case of emergency


Experience of various countries from all over the world clearly indicates that efficient response to a major accidental marine pollution is a task which inevitably surpasses the capabilities of any single country. Therefore, international co-operation is called for to supplement national capacities and very often there is also a need for intervention of professional companies which may provide pollution control related services.



With a view to increasing the level of preparedness to face an accidental spillage of either oil or another harmful substance, of each particular Mediterranean coastal State and of the region as a whole, and aware of the fact that it is absolutely impractical to start searching for those who may offer a certain type of assistance only when an accident occurs, a directory of companies which may provide the above mentioned type of services had to be established and kept up to date.

As explained above, the companies listed in this directory have been identified by their respective national authorities.


Directory of companies offering services in the Mediterranean in case of emergency